Stories That Connect


Cultivating connection through stories and experiences worth sharing.


Our stories connect us as humans in powerful ways. When we pay attention to the lessons and stories in our everyday experiences, we discover more fun, more life, and more opportunities to relate to the people around us.


Life is an adventure. You get to write the story.

With 20 years' experience in the publishing industry, Erin K. Casey is passionate about helping people discover and share their stories. Working with a talented team of professionals, she has helped bring more than 200 books to market, some of those hitting the New York Times' and other bestseller lists, and many others helping her clients expand their businesses and increase their impact. 
She equips coaches, speakers, and leaders to write and publish with confidence through the coaching programs and educational events she offers. While much of her focus has been on books and authors in the professional and personal development spaces, she also writes for children and loves working with schools and homeschool groups to inspire young readers, writers, and artists. 
Through her work, Erin's goal is to help people reawaken their creativity and to inspire them to live their adventures.
Because that's where the stories are.

Connect with Erin K. Casey

Invite Erin K. Casey to Your
Classroom, Conference, or Retreat

Erin leads creative workshops for students and adults who want learn about storytelling, writing, and creativity.


Zany Zia Storytelling Sessions

Grades 3–6 | 45 minutes

Zany Zia comes in character to read a chapter from one of the books in the series and answer questions from young readers.


Writing Workshops

Grades 3 and up (including adults) | 45 minutes to full-day workshops

Learn how to improve your storytelling skills whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction. Stretch your creative muscles and discover the power of story.


Conferences & Retreats

Short sessions for children (Grade 3 and up) | Breakout sessions to full- or multi-day experiences for adults

Learn to discover and share your story. Custom-designed story discovery sessions, writing workshops, and hands-on creative activities engage participants and (re)awaken imagination.

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