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Books that inspire whole-life success with
real faith for real life. 

Moses Called by God by Marilynn Hood

Moses: Called by God 

Living by Faith Through the Journeys of Life

by Marilynn E. Hood

Moses: Called by God will encourage you to trust God more fully as you discover and live out your calling.

This study of Moses's life focuses on the relationship he had with God, a relationship he did not ask for or expect. Moses learned to trust God's goodness and faithfulness, and he experienced the kind of closeness that God desires to have with you today.

The Whole Story by Meredith Perryman

The Whole Story

Eternity from the Beginning

by Meredith Perryman

With a refreshingly down-to-earth style of teaching, Meredith Perryman makes biblical truths applicable to everyday life. The Whole Story shows you where to find the kind of hope that can sustain and free you now—and for eternity. 

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Strange Places

A Journey in Poetry

by Katie Giletto

In this collection of soul-bearing, heart-wrenching poetry, Katie Giletto invites you on a journey through addiction, rock bottoms, and recovery. If you love someone who is wandering down dark paths into unfamiliar or even dangerous territory, these words may give you insight into what’s driving them. 

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Lead with Faith

Building a Strong Foundation so You Can Rise Up, Slay Fear, and Serve Well

by Sarah Johnson

Leadership requires you to be your very best because life will hit you with the worst. In a culture that seeks to dilute the power of personal faith, the stories and guidance in Lead with FAITH will embolden you to rise up, slay fear, and serve well.

Daniel Esteemed by God by Marilynn Hood

Daniel: Esteemed by God

Finding Peace in a Changing World

by Marilynn E. Hood

Daniel: Esteemed by God reveals the beautiful message of God’s faithful love and continual presence in our lives. What Daniel and his friends discovered remains true in today’s constantly changing world: God is in control. By relying on Him, you can find peace, even in the direst of circumstances. 

Lifted by Lindsey J Hale


How to Ditch Fear, Obligation, and Guilt and Live Your Best Life

by Lindsey J. Hale

You don't have to live in a FOG of fear, obligation, or guilt! In Lifted, business leader, wife, mom, and speaker Lindsey Hale shares stories that will make you cry, laugh, and say, “Yeah, me too!” She exposes the lies that may be keeping you from living your best life and shines a light on the truths will help reduce stress and increase happiness.

Get Personal The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story by Erin K Casey

Get Personal

The Importance of Sharing Your Faith Story

by Erin K. Casey

How do you share Jesus in a politically correct culture? How can you share your faith without being "preachy"?

Saved or searching, we all need to be reminded of God's interest in us individually and His love for us personally. That's where your story comes in. Get Personal will help you discover and share your story